About Me

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My name is Greta Wolzak.

I’m a wedding photographer based in Perth, Western Australia. I have travelled and lived away from home for many years to purse my love of adventure and storytelling. Now you will often see me around Perth or travelling the West Oz [I'm a country girl by heart.] I love the arts, drawing, cooking and wineries. I'm obsessed with all things nature and history, with photography as my number one obsession since I can remember.

I live to document the lives of the people around me and capture the special moments which often go unseen. I love finding unique locations, the golden hour and capturing your real emotions. I’ve always been a creative, I even begun my photography on a film camera when I was young, using the dark room processing my images. This taught me patience and a better underdstanding about why I took each indiviual photograph. This is a practice I still use today in all my work. Each photo I deliver has meaning, a purpose, a story.

I am inspired and motivated by nature therefore I support & encourage natural poses, no staging, just real honest beauty. I want you to be comfortable with me, be yourself & have fun so that I can give you photographs that reflect who you are and tell your story. [You will probably constantly always here me say “It’s all about the vibe”] 

If you like what I am about please get in contact with me, tell me a little bit more about yourself and lets start this incredible journey!

Am I the right fit?

My favourite type of wedding is where my couple and I click from the get go. Where I know they have chosen me based on my style and my approach to weddings.

I want to make sure I capture all the good stuff. I want you too look into your partners eye, squeeze their hand tightly and tell them why you are with them and whisper sweet nothings in their ear. Tell your Mum, Dad and the whole family you love them. Expect nothing, enjoy everything and thank everyone for being there on your day. Don’t stress… I’ll be there ready to capture it all.

I enjoy being there every step of the way. I want to be your friend, so think of me as your third wheel! I adore meeting new couples, hearing their stories and creating new memories. The first step with every couple is to sit down, have a chat over coffee or wine and for us to get to know each other. For you to be comfortable with me, and for you trust me. Then it’s all go from there!

The more we know each other the easier it will be for me to document your day. My photography is my art, and I hope you could trust me completely in capturing your special day. The more confidence you have in me, the easier your day will be and I can just do my thing.

I focus on connection and emotion, so be authentic, be real. Tear up the dance floor, don’t blame the weather and embrace it, hit the dance floor hard and embrace the day. Because please, trust me, your wedding day will flash before your eyes! So remember to be in the moment. Be absent minded and relish in the romantic haze. Love impulsively and be wild! Let me document your unique story. Because these photos are history, your history. So let it be epic.

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